About Peach Teats

Hello !

We are an iconic kiwi brand that manufactures calf teats for farmers who raise calves. Also for anyone who just loves our cheeky road sign SH1 Hunterville, North Island. And/or love to gobble our yummy sweets!

Peach Teats were created by Robert McIntyre (Dad) in 1993. He wanted a better teat to feed his baby calves, so it was more like the real thing. Peach Teats is now a leading supplier of calf teats all around the world.

Peach Teats make calves happy all around the world, and we wanted to make you happy too!  So we bring to you "Peach Teats Clothing", starting with our first line of quality "Happy Cow" Tees.

What is the connection between you and a Peach Teat (if you don't raise calves)? Well the milk on your cereal, or in your morning coffee, probably comes from a beautiful cow that was raised on a PEACH TEAT :)

Love Michelle x


Peach Teats is a registered trademark.

Visit peachteats.com for more information and check out  #peachteats on Instagram and Facebook